Set Of 2 Personalised Dog Tags - Notched

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 700.00 -36% OFF

Set Of 2 Personalised Dog Tags - Notched

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 700.00 -36% OFF

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For an indept understanding of dog tags, it's history, types and uses you can refer to - A Soldier's Guide to Dog Tags
Set Of 2 Personalised Dog Tags - NOTCHED MATTE
  • Notched Stainless Steel Dull Finish
  • Slight Scratches
  • 2 x Notched Tags Per Set
  • 2 x Silicone Silencers (Choice of Different Colours)
  • 1 x 30 Inches Stainless Steel Chain
  • 1 x 4.5 Inches Stainless Steel Chain
  • All components imported from USA
  • 5 Lines On Each Tag & 14 Characters In Each Line (Including Space and Punctuation)

The Following Special Characters cannot be engraved or embossed on the dog tags

< > : ; [ ] { } \ ^ _ ~ ,

The Following Characters Can Be Embossed On The Tags


Special Characters

- (Minus)
+ (Plus)
. (Period)
= (Equal)
# (Hash)
& (Ampersand)
* (Asterisk)
° (Degree)
? (Question Mark)
$ (Dollar)
! (Exclamation Mark)
@ (At Sign - For Email Addresses)
( (Left Parenthesis)
) (Right Parenthesis)
/ (Forward Slash)
  Tag Colour   Steel
  Tag Finish   Matte
  Tag Material   Stainless Steel
  Tag Size   51 mm x 28 mm
  Tag Hole Dia   4 mm
  Tag Thickness   0.04 mm
  Tag Thickness At Rolled Edge   0.08 mm
  Tag Weight   4.5 grams
  Chain Type   Ball Chain
  Chain Colour   Stainless Steel
  Chain Material   Stainless Steel
  Chain Length   30 Inches/4.5 Inches
  Chain Thickness   2.4 mm
  Silencer Material   Silicone Rubber
  Total Weight   21 grams
  Shipping Weight   Approx 30 to 35 grams


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Susanta Das
Photo identical product

I feel like the tag could have been a little but thick! But not that it’s bad . I am satisfied enough with the build quality.

Sathya Rao
Quality product and delivery on time

The quality of the customized tags are good. Definitely value for money.

Thank you Olive Planet and wish you the best.

Dr Raj mohan c
Awesome product

The quality is very nice

Sanjit Banik
Dog Tags

Excellent tags loved it.

Prijit Thulaseedharan
Good One

Product is good and same as shown in the picture. Only thing, which I didn't like about is the positioning of print. Because of the black covering the writing gets hidden.

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