Military Movie Props for Indian Production Houses

Olive Planet offers consulting services and supplies authentic military props for modern military movies or reenactment of historical war events. Bollywood and regional film industries' production houses search for military props to shoot army themed movies, documentaries or series ends here. We are aware of the requirements of the of the film industry and supply the products in the shortest possible time.

We take up projects on turnkey basis. Military veterans in our team are familiar with the latest gear used by militaries across the world and suggest the right uniform pattern and equipment to suit the terrain and climate of the shoot location. We work very closely with costume designers, understand their requirement and offer customisation accordingly.

Here is a list of few products we have supplied to production houses across India.

  • Uniforms in assorted camo patterns to match the terrain and climate
  • Uniform accessories to depict a particular force or rank
  • Military helmets, caps, hats, belts, bullet proof jackets, knee and elbow pads, tactical shoes etc
  • Weapon replicas
  • Replicas of high tech personal equipment used by soldiers like night vision binoculars etc
  • Camouflage nets and customised military tents
  • Portable military furniture used in field areas
  • Storage boxes like the ones used by the military
  • Knives and tools used by soldiers
  • Military surplus like ammunition box and jerrycan
  • Products required for use in extreme climates like snow covered areas/desert
  • Uniforms and accessories required for reenactment of war events from the past
  • Antique military equipments from WWII era

Contact: Capt Niranth Bymana - +91 740 634 3949


Alternate Contact: +91 934 223 8204


Movie Name : URI- The Surgical Strike

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